Besides coffee dates, these are the products we offer:


Pick our brains (1 day)

A one day brainstorm / coworking session where we discuss your biggest challenges and figure out if/how we can assist your startup in the future. End product: A digital debrief presentation with key take-aways, recommendations and focus activities, plus a proposal for future work

Product Assessment (2-3 days)

An assessment of the current state of your product. Pointing out good, the bad, and give you recommendations and advice on strategy in a final presentation. End product: A digital debrief presentation with key take-aways, recommendations and focus activities.

The Challenge (1-3 months)

We assist in solving challenges a startup is facing. Together we will prioritize these challenge(s) and decide on the activities for the upcoming 4-12 weeks based on the main KPI’s. Examples of end products: product launches, growth dashboards, funnel optimization strategy, customer development strategy.


Some of the awesome companies we've worked with:



Our cheerleaders say it better:

Martijn de Kuijper
``We Are Off The Record is the golden skills combination. Especially when it comes to growth hacking and PR``
Martijn de Kuijper / getrevue.co
Derk Roodhuyzen
``The guys from Off The Record have helped us shaped the future of our company with Growth Hacking, funding and improve our product.``
Derk Roodhuyzen / fixico.nl
Ton van't Noordende - Investor
``To call it growth hacking wouldn’t cut it. These guys are able to quickly assess startup growth issues and translate the challenges into concrete solutions.``
Ton van't Noordende - Investor / Keadyn
Matt Johnson
``I have worked with many big PR firms in the past and what Off The Record put together is the best messaging package and strategy I have ever seen!``
Matt Johnson / superflyapp.com
Lars Wetemans
``Off The Record gave us incredible useful insights in our startup and the market. Their direct and out of the box approach has proven to be a real added value.``
Lars Wetemans / recruitz.io
Johan van Mil - Investor
``I like to work with Off The Record because their way to challenge the companies we work with stimulates growth.``
Johan van Mil - Investor / Peak Capital
Edouard Fiess
``Thanks to a thorough review of our on-boarding process and the overall UX, Off The Record helped us bring great improvements to our Apps with a user-centric approach.``
Edouard Fiess / navily.com
Paul Robert Cary
``The Off The Record guys are young innovative experts who know what it takes to make something work in the digital age. Their insights quickly identified key points of differentiation for us at Findie and we're actively building those into our next generation of services.``
Paul Robert Cary / findie.me


Some call us “Angry Young Growth Hackers”, others just like the way we wear our hair. For the past few years we have been active in the startup scene. We’ve already helped and advised dozens of startups, founders and investors.

We Are Off The Record is an agency for startups, corporates and investors, aimed to help them build, launch and grow their product. We’re a new type of agency, specialising in Product Development, Go-to-market strategy, Growth Hacking, Public Relations, Customer Development, Community Building and Old school marketing. We’re based in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.