In growth we trust

As an agency we bring our individual and mutual expertises to the table, as well as our broad (international) business and support network. We’ll not only be available for office hours but you can call us at any time if you need advice. You can see us as an (temporary) extra advisory board member.

We offer different products for startups, corporates and investors within a wide field of skills and expertise. As a team we can assist in all phases of a (starting) company: Problem / Solution, Product / Market fit and the Growth phase.

Customer Development

We help you to identify your customer persona with customer jobs, gains & pains.

Value Proposition

Which problem do you solve? We help you to craft the best value proposition to pitch new users.

(Pre-) Launch Strategy

You need a plan, trust us. Launching is not a one time thing, don't become the next one-day-fly.

Growth Hacking

Ready to grow? Data will be our best friend. Let's look at the best analytics tools, your funnel and retention.

Community Building

Most successful startups were built together with their community. Praise your fans, they make or break you.

Public Relations

We can help you define your strategy, craft your story, create your press-kit and build momentum.

Our core competencies revolve around product development, go-to-market strategy, PR, customer/business development, community building, marketing and growth hacking.

The Off The Record network ranges from accelerators,international press to investors and experts in fields like Design (UI/X, logo, product), Legal, Sales, Analytics, HR and Funding.

We offer six different types of products and services for startups, corporates and investors. These all include hands-on guidance to solve your biggest challenges.

Pick our brains (1 day)

A one day brainstorm / coworking session where we discuss your biggest challenges and figure out if/how we can assist your startup in the future. End product: A digital debrief presentation with key take-aways, recommendations and focus activities, plus a proposal for future work.

Product Assessment (2-3 days)

An assessment of the current state of your product. Pointing out good, the bad, and give you recommendations and advice on strategy in a final presentation. End product: A digital debrief presentation with key take-aways, recommendations and focus activities.

The Challenge (1-3 months)

We assist in solving challenges a startup is facing. Together we will prioritize these challenge(s) and decide on the activities for the upcoming 4-12 weeks based on the main KPI’s. Examples of end products: product launches, growth dashboards, funnel optimization strategy, customer development strategy.