From startup to scale up with millions of funding

Fixico is an online platform enabling consumers to quickly and easily find, compare and select repair services for car damage. We helped Fixico on a weekly basis from 2015 for almost a year with their online growth, expanding the growth team and their product onboarding and activation. The Fixico team grew from a small startup into the several million funded scale-up with over 40 people in no time.


We ran a ton of acquisition experiments together with the Fixico team to see which value proposition(s) and (paid) channels worked best in order to onboard, activate and retain paying customers.

Metrics & Analytics

We assisted the management team to implement a leading growth framework and to built a custom dashboard in order to run measurable growth experiments across multiple online channels.


Fixico requested to transfer the We Are Off The Record knowledge and frameworks to the marketing team, so our efforts were designed in a way that Fixico could continue after our engagement.

Onboarding & Activation

While the onboarding was solid, we knew improvements here would have a big impact in order to convert leads into paying customers. We helped with the setup and strategy regarding A/B testing within the customer journey which let to an successful increase in the amount of conversions over time.

“We Are Off The Record helped us shape the future of our company with customer growth, trained and connected us with talented people and suggested growth improvements to our product”
– Derk Roodhuyzen de Vries, CEO

Train the trainer

The Fixico team is one of the talented teams we worked with. We helped them to lay the foundation of their international expansion and transferred our knowledge around growth tactics, product retention and the overall growth process to the marketing team.