We closely worked with this promising e-commerce startup to increase online conversions

The foundation of Vinyl Express can be traced back to 1973, with the Rockhouse record store in Amsterdam. After a couple of decades, the digital revolution and the revival of vinyl it was time for some improvements. We partnered up with the team, worked heavily on their transition towards a webshop and guided their growth for months.


We were asked to transfer our knowledge, process and frameworks to the new hires, so our efforts were developed in a way that they could individually continue afterwards with their own marketeers which we intensively trained over the course of months.

Customer Development

We played a key role to identify and validate the ideal customer personas on several online acquisition channels. We wanted to figure out on which key messages and target audiences we needed to focus on in order to maximise the online sales of the records.

Onboarding & Activation

We Are Off The Record helped with the setup and execution regarding A/B testing within the full customer journey which ultimately let to a successful increase in the amount of records sold in the webshop over the course of a few months.

Customer Acquisition

We ran a ton of acquisition experiments together with the VinylExpress team to see which value proposition(s) and (paid) channels worked best in order to land, convert and retain paying customers.

“We Are Off The Record took the role of (temporary) Head Of Growth for months and trained our new hires. Their knowledge and execution power was a true value to our growth.”
– Rogier van Genugten, Managing Director

Metrics & Analytics

We assisted the team to implement a leading growth framework and to built a custom dashboard in order to run measurable growth experiments across multiple online channels which led to an increase in online conversions.