Let’s grow your startup


Startups are everywhere, but the ones that scale and grow into a sustainable business are rare and hard to identify early on. Next to the founding team members, growth is the difference between game on or game over. At We Are Off The Record we bridge this gap with growth strategy and hands-on execution power in the role of (temporary) Head of Growth at startups. We have all the necessary skills in-house in order to validate, grow and scale startups.


We help you to validate your idea with potential customers to figure out if you solve a pain or need people are eventually willing to pay for.


We execute (bi)weekly experiments based on your value proposition, target audience, channels and customer journey via an easy and proven growth process in order to scale.


Time to scale the business and marketing team to focus on new business models, (inter)national expansion and optimize the multiple customer acquisition channels.


Branding & positioning

We help you to identify your customer persona with customer jobs, gains & pains.

Customer Development

We help you to identify your customer persona with customer jobs, gains & pains.

Acquisition & Lead Generation

We work with all popular Acquisition channels to see which value proposition(s) works best in order to onboard and retain (paying) users in the next stages of the funnel.

Onboarding & Activation

We help you to identify your customer persona with customer jobs, gains & pains.

Funnel Optimization

We're firm believers of a holistic approach towards growth. We optimize the whole funnel to identify and fix leaks with A/B tests and to increase conversion rates.

Metrics & Analytics

We can help you implement growth frameworks, analytics, metrics and to build (custom) dashboard in order to run measurable growth experiments.

Growth Process

We help you to identify your customer persona with customer jobs, gains & pains.


One of our promises is to ultimately transfer our knowledge, growth processes and frameworks into the client's organisation. Our efforts to implement a growth mindset and data-driven process are designed in a way that our clients can continue after our engagement.

Temper is a platform that gives people the freedom to work on demand where and whenever they want. Their explosive growth from a small startup towards the mature and well-funded business they’re today has been inspiring. We supported the team with the positioning of Temper as a brand in general, worked on the initial growth metrics & KPI’s and trained their growth marketeers from scratch.

Fixico is an online platform enabling consumers to quickly and easily find, compare and select repair services for car damage. We helped Fixico on a weekly basis from 2015 for almost a year with their online growth, expanding the growth team and their product onboarding and activation. The Fixico team grew from a small startup into the several million funded scale-up with over 40 people in no time.

Recruitz.io is a programmatic job advertising platform that helps corporates and staffing agencies to create and execute the perfect recruitment marketing campaign. We crafted the first press releases which led to national press coverage, supported the team with the positioning of the platform in general and worked on the initial growth framework of Recruitz.

HEY bracelet lets you feel your loved one, no matter the distance. It’s the first wearable that mimics a real human touch. This was one of our first Kickstarter campaigns which resulted in a successful funding of €150.000. We validated key messages on multiple online channels and were responsible for the execution of all digital advertisements.

The Inner Circle is a selective dating app that connects ambitious, like-minded people. We did an extensive growth scan on the entire platform and deep dived into their metrics, analytics and product in general. The output was a long list of growth recommendations and we trained one of their growth marketeers.

The foundation of Vinyl Express can be traced back to 1973, with the Rockhouse record store in Amsterdam. After a couple of decades, the digital revolution and the revival of vinyl it was time for some improvements. We partnered up with the team, worked heavily on their transition towards a webshop and guided their growth for months.

30MHz helps companies measure their physical environment, which enables those companies to make data-driven decisions. The incredible solutions they build, have the potential to help any industry. So we helped 30MHz shape their digital strategy, and trained them in a way, so they are able to replicate the process to any market they want to approach.

The Talent Institute has a deep understanding what the new and best skills are, their mission is to change the game in professional skills development. We joined forces in early 2016 and set up the growth hacking courses and curriculum from scratch. In addition we were responsible as Lead Growth Partner and our agency provided a lot of the trainings and coaching sessions with students.