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We are a digital growth agency based in Amsterdam. With a team of talented marketeers and growth hackers we grow startups, kickstart products and innovate together with corporate teams. With the agency we help to shape value propositions, validate early user adoption and build scalable businesses via proven frameworks and tools. We prefer to work closely with founders and management teams to accomplish results faster and to adopt the growth mindset from scratch.

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Bas Prass

Founder & CEO

Bas (Linkedin) founded We Are Off The Record to start one of the first digital growth agencies in Europe. In the last 10 years he founded a couple of companies, some more successful than others. He has a broad and deep knowledge about entrepreneurship, growth and data. Bas worked together with hundreds of founders from all over the globe to help them grow their startup by empowering them with data-informed decisions to grow.

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Dusty van Steekelenburg

Growth Marketeer

Dusty has been part of We Are Off The Record since the summer of 2016. His expertise evolves around User Acquisition, User Onboarding and Customer Retention. Within the agency he helps clients to grow and retain customers via hands-on execution on different sort of growth challenges. Besides being hands-on, he teaches the principles of Growth Hacking, work as data-driven as possible and running rapid experiments for clients like Philips.

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Bastiaan Engelaar

Growth Marketeer

Bastiaan wanted to be Off The Record too, so he joined the team in early 2017. His roots are in product development as a product owner at companies like and TripAdvisor. He then switched his focus to become more data driven, and start to use experiment design in order to validate potential features. At We Are Off The Record he uses his technical and hands-on experience around analytics, growth and product development to help clients move to the next growth phase.

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Mike Wiendels

Growth Marketeer

Mike joined We Are Off the Record in June 2017. Before that he worked for several fast-growing companies, from traction and product/market fit at early stage startup Recruitee to scaling up internationally at Ace & Tate. His experience covers conversion rate optimisation, paid acquisition and digital analytics. At We Are Off the Record he combines his technical skills with proven processes to help our clients grow.

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Remco Bos


Leading businesses through various stages of growth. Energetic team builder who will share responsibilities to enable faster learning. Firm believer that people will make the difference at the end of the day. Approachable, open minded and straightforward mixed with an everlasting hunger for growth. Has extensive network in the media industry, corporates, brands, advertising agencies and the Dutch startup-ecosystem.

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Barbara Majoewskij

Branding & Communications

As a freelance branding & communications specialist for We Are Off The Record, I can help you define your brand and marketing strategy, craft your story, create your press-kit and build momentum.

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Nikky Hofland

Customer Development Expert

Over the past years Nikky helped startups and corporates to turn their ideas into products customers actually want. She has experience in setting up new businesses within bigger organizations and knows how to get things done. Besides being data driven, she believes in mobile and customer first when developing products and services.


Aleid van de Sande

Digital Content Creator

Aleid started at We Are Off The Record team in October 2017. Her job here is to create valuable and unique content for the agency in multiple ways. From writing content to shooting video’s, anything to show the world what We Are Off The Record is all about. With her creative mindset she helps building the brand to become more mature and add humanity in our exposure. Her interests in new ways of (digital) marketing drives her to keep explore innovative ideas, and therefore she never get’s enough of developing new skills.

Laurens Jansen

Laurens Jansen

Growth Marketeer

Laurens joined We Are Off the Record in November 2017. He has a background as a professional sporter and therefore more than 10 years of experience in delivering peak performance. This mentality is an extra skill which he implements in different companies. Currently, he changed his focus to growth marketing and his experience covers implementing growth processes, digital analytics, data querying and paid acquisition. He believes having a sustainable growth process in place is the key to success and delivering peak performances. At We Are Off the Record he helps our clients exceeding their standards for satisfactory performance and growth.